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What’s Headquarters?

Headquarters is an antidote to the homogenous tech-bro culture dominating the business landscape. Located in the Historic Core of DTLA, Headquarters provides a third space between work and home where you can find community and make progress on your ideas.

Whether you are working on a side hustle, a startup, a personal project, or finding a new gig, we’re here to help. Classes, work sessions, and events focus on learning and applying techniques from design, technology, business, and wellness to fuel your personal and professional growth.

  • Built for highly-motivated individuals – surround yourself with people getting shit done
  • Built for locals – off 7th and Spring, the space is easily walkable from nearby lofts and offices
  • Built for balance – grow across life / work / self to prevent burnout and increase your energy

Upcoming Events

Our schedule of classes, workshops, and events are curated to help you be more productive and balanced across your work / life / self.
Ideal Customer Workshop

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Kanban Workshop
Aug 22, Public, Workshop

Intro to Kanban – Supercharge Your  Workflow

Intro to Kanban – Supercharge Your  Workflow

Tuesday, August 22nd   |   6:30 – 8:30p   |   $15 ($12 if you bring a friend)
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Whether you’re working on a personal project, a new startup, or a product at a large company, Kanban is a flexible and lightweight way to visualize and manage day-to-day work so that you can stay focused and productive.

In this workshop, we’ll explore:

  • Kanban – We will dive deep into Kanban, a framework that is commonly used in Lean Startups, that helps you visualize what you need to get done and keeps you focused on the most important things
  • Trello and other tools for managing your work
Who it’s for

While the fundamentals of Kanban can be applied by any individual for their personal work, it is especially useful for Entrepreneurs, UX Designers, Developers, Product Managers, Project Managers, and anyone working with teams to deliver value.

What We Will Cover
  • What is Kanban and where does it come from?
  • What are the core principles?
  • How is it used?
  • Brief intro to the Product Development Lifecycle
What You Will Learn
  • How to visualize and refine your current workflow
  • How to split-up / break down work into smaller, more manageable pieces
  • Basic prioritization and planning
  • Kaizen / Continuous Improvement
  • Work-in-progress limits to help you stay focused
  • Bottleneck identification to get more done, faster
  • Using data to better plan and predict successful outcomes
What to bring

Laptop (optional, but will be useful to follow along as we discuss Trello)


6:30-7p: Arrival
7-8:30p: Intro to Kanban Workshop

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“Without [third] places, the urban area fails to nourish the kinds of relationships and the diversity of human contact that are the essence of the city.”

– Ray Oldenburg, author of The Great Good Place and OG third place advocate